Why You Should Go To The Movies Alone

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If you are an introvert like me, then going to a movie, restaurant, or even driving in the car by yourself is a total recharge.

Oh, the glorious feeling of hanging out by myself!

Something extroverts may not understand. But let me just tell you, dear extroverts, it feels invigorating!

You know that feeling you extroverts get when you’re hosting a fun and epic party at your house? Yeah, that’s exactly how we introverts feel when we are hosting a party for ONE curled up on the couch in our pajamas with a good book.

When I mention to friends that I prefer to and quite often go to the movies by myself, they tend to look at me like I must be some kind of a lunatic with two heads who shouldn’t be allowed on the streets. I almost always get the comment, “Oh wow, I could never do that.” Or, “I’d feel like people were looking at me in pity.” (LOL Really? Brutally honest moment: Unless you are a celebrity, most people couldn’t care less about what you as a complete stranger are doing. Nobody is staring and even paying attention to you while they are out doing their own thing. Trust me!)

Why would anyone in their right mind ever dream of going to the movies by themselves? What in the world?! Like, who does that?! (lol!)

Here ya go. Here are my top 7 reasons why you should!

Why You Should Go To The Movies By Yourself

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Going to the movies alone is something I do often as an introvert.  Here's why you should enjoy your own company and go to the movies by yourself, too! #moviesbymyself #introvertalonetime #introvertalone #introvert
Going to the movies alone is something I do often as an introvert.  Here's why you should enjoy your own company and go to the movies by yourself, too! #moviesbymyself #introvertalonetime #introvertalone #introvert

You don’t have to listen to your friend(s) blabbing during the movie

Dear Beloved Friends,

Shut. Yo’. Face. During the movie.

Sorry not sorry, but if I invited you or agreed to go to a movie with you, it ain’t because I felt like socializing. If I paid good money ($12 bucks is good money, ya know) to sit here and watch this movie, then it’s probably because I actually wanted to sit here and watch this movie. Not listen to you talk! K? Love ya! Now, shhhh

You can sit wherever you want

Woman in theater alone

“Here?” “How about up there?” “No? Ok, then where would you like to sit?” “Ugh, I hate sitting all the way up front, but if you insist…”

All of that jazz is eliminated. You get to sit at the very top in the corner in the nosebleeds if you so choose. And nobody is going to stop you!

You don’t have to share your popcorn

Anyone else turn into a rabid, food aggressive wild animal who practically starts baring teeth when somebody reaches over to partake in your food (especially if they don’t ask)?

Horse Yelling

Just me?

My dear, lovely, super duper awesome, friend, get your own overpriced, butter-saturated, give-you-the-shits popcorn. This one’s MINE.

You get to enjoy your own company

If you are not an introvert who thrives on alone time you may have a hard time with this one.

Some people feel fulfilled when they are with others (I’m talking to you extroverts!). But hanging out by yourself gives you a chance to discover and enjoy who YOU are. Not just the “you” when you’re with your friends.

You don’t have the annoying “whose arm gets the armrest” problem

Theater seats

Ahh… the shared armrest predicament.

Can I just ask, why are movie theater seat armrests so skinny?! I mean, there’s only enough room for one elbow and forearm. However, there is a seat on each side of this single-person armrest. Soooo?

I can’t be the only one who gets peeved when your friend or partner is an armrest hog. Like, hey man, share the wealth. Grr!

Go see a movie alone during matinee hours, or a week or two after it’s release. That way there’s hardly anyone in the theater and you can get an entire row all to yourself.

And then make sure to watch your movie while laying horizontally over 2 or 3 armrests as you toss popcorn up in the air and catch it with your mouth. Take THAT armrest hogs! Ha!

No annoying small talk

Introverts loathe small talk. It’s literally difficult to keep up with small talk conversations for us. I never know what the heck to say! I guess partially because small talk always feels forced and fake to me.

But guess what?! If you go to the movies by yourself then you don’t have to talk to anybody!

Well, I guess if you wanted to be a decent human being, you would at least respond when the confessions clerk asks you what you want and if you’d like to upsize your already stupidly priced drink for an extra $.50 cents. But no small talk required!

No waiting for your always-late-for-everything friend outside the theater, almost missing the movie

Camera Reel

Confession: I’m that always-late-for-everything friend!

My husband loves to watch the previews before a movie at the theater (weirdo lol). And it drives him nuts when I always make us walk in halfway through the previews.

If you go to the movies by yourself, you can get there as early or as late as you want and not have to hear anyone’s mouth about it!

What is something you enjoy about going to the theater alone? Comment below!

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Going to the movies alone is something I do often as an introvert.  Here's why you should enjoy your own company and go to the movies by yourself, too!   #moviesbymyself #introvertalonetime #introvertalone #introvert

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