The Best Galentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Closest Girlfriends

Galentines Day A Day Dedicated to showing your female friends how much you love them
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Valentine’s Day. A day of love and affection and sappy, cliché gifts and gestures for twitterpated souls that retailers, restaurants, and florist shops look forward to each year.

Cool cool. But this post isn’t here to about that mushy gushy stuff.

Because let’s be honest, Galentine’s Day is sooo much better!

Kidding! (kinda) But seriously… It’s way better, haha!

I mean, duh, we love our significant others. And duh, we are going to show them how much we do on Valentine’s Day.

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But Galentine’s Day – February 13th – A totally made up holiday in 2010 by the lead character Leslie Knope in the TV sitcom Parks and Recreation – The day you get to show your girlfriends how much their friendship means to you and how much you basically can’t live without them – That’s a day worth celebrating!

Your girls. Your peeps. Your crew. Your “sistas from other mistas.”

Ok, I’m a dork, I know! But you get the idea of who I’m talking about.

Here is a list of the best gift ideas to give or do for your friends on Galentine’s Day!

Galentine’s Day Gift Ideas


We all know Valentine's Day will be a day for our lover.  But you know what day is even better?  Galentine's Day!  Here is a list of the best gifts EVER to give to your best friends to show them how much you love them. #valentinesday #valentinesdaygifts
We all know Valentine's Day will be a day for our lover.  But you know what day is even better?  Galentine's Day!  Here is a list of the best gifts EVER to give to your best friends to show them how much you love them. #valentinesday #valentinesdaygifts

Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

Does she use and love esseitial oils? This classy bracelet comes with 8 different color washable pads that she can drop a few drops of her favorite essential oil onto. Check out the different design and band colors HERE.

Couples Massage

2 couples massage tables in spa room

In case you didn’t know, a “couples” massage is literally just 2 massage tables in the room, each person having their own masseuse. In other words, it’s 2 people getting a massage at the same time. Who says it’s for “couples” only?! Nobody!

Book a couples massage for you and your friend!

Hot Romantic Novels

50 Shades of Grey multiplied by 10! There are sooo many romance novels out there. Sagas, and series, and volumes, oh my!

Besties Wine Glasses

Wine is life! That and pajammas, big tshirts, and yoga pants.

Speaking of wine…

Electric Wine Bottle Opener

Pshh… The ‘ol cranking corkscrew routine is for amateurs! Seriously, you guys, I bought one of these electric wine bottle openers and it is a total game changer for us winos. SO MUCH EASIER. So much faster. And you virtually never end up with a broken cork stuck in your bottle! Read more HERE.

Game Night

Grab your girls and have a game night at your place!

Everyone pitch in and order some yummy appetizers, wine, and desserts from, and bust out the games! (Make sure you get the tartlets from OmahaSteaks. They’re SO GOOD. You can thank me later.)

OMG, and you guys HAVE TO get the game Speak Out! (or Watch Ya Mouth, same thing)

It is absolutely HILARIOUS to play on a game night! Watch this video with Kloe Kardashian and Kevin Hart playing it on the Ellen Show! LoLoLoL

My stomach aches with pain from all the laughing when we play this game!

Cat Stuff

Have a friend who loves cats?

Confession: I was a total cliché “cat lady” before I had kids. My 3, yes, THREE cats were my life! (I also had a great dane with my 3 kitties). #NoShame #PetsAreTheBest

I loved those little furballs as if they were my own kids. I even have one of them in an urn on top of my dresser in my room. Again, #NoShame

I bet your cat-loving BFF would love an adult coloring book for cat lovers:

Or this book of quirky poems written from the minds of housecats:

Willow Tree Hand-Painted Sculpture of Two Friends

For your BFF. “Willow Tree sculptures express love, closeness, healing, courage, hope.” Read more, or check out other Willow Tree sculptures HERE.

Tall And Short Best Friend BFF Mugs 

Are you the tall friend with a short BFF? Vice versa? These mugs are too cute! Read more HERE.

Friends Forever Wherever Whenever

“There are millions of reasons to appreciate your friends, and this adorable gift book covers the top 50 of them! Inspired by self-help guru Karen Salmansohn’s popular illustrated witty sayings, this humorous and stylishly designed book illustrates the sweetest, craziest, truest, and most memorable things about friendship. It’s the perfect way to let favorite friends know how much they are loved and to inspire them with words of encouragement–while making them laugh so hard they snort their Caramel Macchiato out their nose.” Read more HERE.

Journal or Planner

Writing in a journal can help with anxiety and stress. There is something about writing it all out at the end of the night in my journal that absolutely helps calm my anxiety and even helps me fall asleep much easier.

There are many kinds of journals. Some are filled with blank pages that your friend can write anything and everything she wants. Others have writing prompts that can help get the mind going.

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    These are awesome ways to celebrate your bestie for Valentine’s Day! I don’t know why I’ve never thought of doing a “couples” massage with my girls. Love these ideas!

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