My Real Reason for Joining a Gym

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So I joined the gym yesterday!  

I haven’t been a member of a gym in close to a million years.  Honestly, I’ve never really been a “gym” person. Meaning I can’t ever get the motivation to physically go to the gym.  I think the reasons being:

  1. I hate working out.  Seriously. It’s not a “stress relief” for me like it is for others.
  2. I always end up feeling awkward trying to find and use the machines.  Half the time I don’t really even know what I’m doing on them and am probably doing them wrong!
  3. Going to a gym would mean I would actually have to make myself look somewhat decent.  Some days, it’s just too much effort to put on a bra and/or pants.
  4. Treadmills do nothing for me.  I can run all day on them and won’t lose a pound.  My body requires me to physically run on the ground for some reason.  (And oddly enough, ellipticals make my knees hurt.)

The list can go on.  I’m sure everyone has a list of reasons why they can’t or don’t work out.  In the past, I would join, workout for about 2-3 weeks, and then taper off.  Then cancel my membership. Every single time.

Earlier this year, I paid for the Beachbody on Demand membership so that I could do my workouts from home.  I have 2 little toddlers and dragging them to the gym daycare sounded like a nightmare. My youngest is an extreme velcro baby and flips out if I leave the room, let alone dump him in a childcare with new faces and new environment, etc.  Not to mention, the gyms I toured and were actually interested in going to only took kids 18 months and up, and he wasn’t even a year old. So, I did the at home workouts through Beachbody. I also followed their 21-day fix meal plan.

I did those crazy workouts and followed that meal plan religiously…for 3 months straight.  And lost nothing! I did gain a ton of muscle though, so I actually gained weight. But, the fat didn’t even budge.  Grr!

It was very frustrating.

I am 30 lbs overweight (according to me and my weight loss goal) and after 2 kids I wanted to start shedding this extra cushion I had accumulated.  I tried to lose it by just eating right, but nope. That didn’t work either.

So I bit the bullet.  Now that my youngest is about 18 months, I and my two Littles went and toured a couple of gyms.  Finally settled on one, and I did my first kidless workout yesterday! (And my velcro baby did just fine in the Kiddie Corner daycare.  I snuck out as he was following big Brother in, so he didn’t even notice I wasn’t there.  All that worry on my part for nothing!)

Let me tell you, it was amazing.  

Remember, I hate working out.  But having time to just go be in my own mind while doing my run in the indoor track without worrying about the kids was glorious.  So it wasn’t necessarily that I was ecstatic about working out. It was more the fact that I was able to do it and be alone for an hour!  I even got to sit in the sauna and just…zen for a little while. You guys, it was marvelous.

I think this gym idea is going to work out just fine this time!  I’m excited about getting back in shape after growing two mini humans, plus I get a little mom-break while doing it.  Win!


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September 27, 2018



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