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An unexpected compliment from someone can make a persons day that much brighter! #payitforward - Silver Jasmine #compliment #howtocomplimentsomeone #complimentsomeone
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Today I had to go do the dreaded grocery shopping.

I had my two little Crazies with me, one on my back in the Lillebaby carrier, and the other sitting in the cart (he had just lost his privilege of walking beside the cart because he was acting like a spazzed out maniac, running all over the place and then laughing when I would tell him to “Come here.” Nope, not playing that game buddy. Into the cart you go.)

My 3-year-old is a talker. A jabber mouth. A little human who will literally say every single thing in his mind that he is thinking. …at every moment of the day. If he is awake, he is talking. The kid never shuts up.

And, he also is a very loud talker. No, he’s not deaf. Has perfect hearing. Just apparently has a loud voice as his dad does.

So, of course, he was bumping them gums the entire store trip. My 1 and a half-year-old is just chillin on my back with a bink in his mouth so he’s pretty quiet.

Here’s an example of how it goes:

An unexpected compliment from someone can make a persons day that much brighter!  #payitforward - Silver Jasmine

Me pushing the cart
My 3-year-old: Mama, pick me up. Mama, I want to be picked up. Mama, I have to go potty. Oh, no I don’t. I don’t have to go potty. Let’s just stay in the cart. Mama, I want to get out and walk. Mama, can you pick me up pleeeeeease. Mama. Mamaaaa. MAMA.

I step over a second to reach for an item on a shelf
3-year-old: Mama, you’re too far away from me. Come back. I want you to come back. Mama, what did you get? I want to help get it and put it in the cart. Mama, what’s that? I want to hold it. Can I have it, please? What’s this? What’s this? What’s this? Mama, what is this? I’m just going to put it in the cart. Drops it in the cart. Mama pick me up. I want to get out. Starts singing Maaamaaaaa. Maaaamaaaaa.

I manage to get a few words in occasionally.  This is the norm all day every day with this kid. I don’t want to say I’m used to it because most days I’m constantly telling him to “SHUSH” so I can get 5 seconds of quiet. But this definitely is something I listen to all day!

A man passes us up. A few minutes later, the man comes back over to me and says, “I just have to tell you, you are amazing. You’ve got your hands full with one on your back and this little guy who is just the friendliest little person talking up a storm, and you’ve still got a smile on your face. There’s a reason moms are the best with kids. You automatically have so much patience!”

I’m thinking to myself, “Yeah, it’s still morning, man.  Wait until early afternoon and evening when I’ve had enough and turn into a Medusa-looking, red-eyed monster who barks at my kids and is staring at the clock, which seems to be ticking abnormally slow, waiting for their bedtime so that I can chuck them in their beds and then go collapse on the living room floor while I proceed to beg my husband to bring me food and spoon it to me because I am now on invalid status until morning and don’t even have enough left in me to move, let alone feed myself.

But that’s beside the point. 

He went on to tell me he was a single dad of 3 kids and patience was the hardest thing. He continued to tell me how good of a job I was doing with these two.

Meanwhile, from the second this man came over to us, and while he and I were talking, the 3-year-old is like, “Hi man!” Waving. “Hi! Whatchu doing? This is my mama and this is Squishy on mamas back [We call the little one Squishy. He doesn’t even know his actual name lol]. We are getting groceries. Where are your groceries? Hey man, where is your shopping cart? Man, I have on a buckle. Hiiii! Hi, man!”

Anyway, this totally made my day! I was already in a good mood anyway, but this just made it even better. How cool is it that this man made a point to come over to me and compliment me. He could have just thought it to himself and kept on walking, but he didn’t. He took the time to actually tell me!

Sort of makes me wonder how many times people have seen me not in a good mood, overwhelmed with the kids, and looking like I’m about to cry in the store. Because I’ll be honest, I look and feel like that quite often.

Just goes to show, people notice you. Most don’t say anything. But it’s so awesome when someone does!  As long as it’s a positive compliment, obviously.  Haha!  Don’t make a point to come over to me and tell me how much I suck, please. Just think it, and go ahead and keep that to yourself. K, thanks. :p

I’ve decided I’m going to pay this forward. I never just walk up to a random someone, especially a mom, and compliment them on how well they are holding it together. I tell my friends this on occasion, but never a random stranger. But I’m going to start. How awesome will it be to make some random else feel good by just a quick compliment?!

Starting this today!

An unexpected compliment from someone can make a persons day that much brighter!  #payitforward - Silver Jasmine

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October 26, 2018



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