Bike Riding with Kids: Burley D’Lite Child Bike Trailer Review

2 kids in the burley d'lite child bike trailer
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Shopping for a bike trailer can be overwhelming. At least for me, it was. There are so many out there! Which one do I even consider? Especially if I have 2 kids.  

So I’d like to talk about my Burley D’Lite Bike Trailer, it’s pros, and why I chose it above the others. I will also include my cons about this trailer, as well as some bike riding must-haves for riding with toddlers.

In one of my recent “Dear Diary” posts, I talked about our first bike ride of the cooler season.  A friend of mine saw that “Bike Ride Adventures” post and started asking me about which double bike trailer I used.  

I also often get asked about our Burley D’Lite bike trailer while at the park or wherever else we happen to be.  We constantly get comments such as, “Oh!  They look so comfortable in there!”  Or a wife nudging her husband, “See, now that’s what we need!” as they pass us by.

So here it all is!

Pros of the Burley D’Lite Child Bike Trailer

Bike riding with kids - Burley D'Lite Child Bike Trailer review

It can easily fit 2 kids

I bought this trailer when I only had one kid. But I bought it with the thought in mind that in the near future, we would be adding another little human to the mix.

And I didn’t want to go through the annoying trouble of having to sell the single trailer (for probably a fraction of what I paid for it) and then have to buy yet another trailer that fits both kids once the second kid came.

So during my trailer hunt, I was looking for one that was convertible – it could be used as a single or a double.

The seats of the Burley D’Lite can so easily be converted from a single to a double in a matter of a few seconds. They are attached by velcro, so you just remove and place wherever you want it to be. Each kid has their own harness-style seatbelt, plus there is an additional lap belt that you can buckle across the waist.

3-year-old and 18-month-old

And the best part about the seats … they’re machine washable! Yes, please! 

The seats are super padded 

Even more padded than our car seat, honestly.

So no worry about bottoms hurting after going over bumps and such. My kids definitely seem comfortable in the trailer and I haven’t heard any complaints!

I have a 36 lb 3-year-old and a 26 lb 19-month-old in mine. They fit perfectly. The sides of the Burley D’Lite are bowed out a little bit, too, to allow for more elbow room for the kids.

Speaking of going over bumps…

It has suspension!

And the suspension is adjustable depending on the weight you’ve got in there.

I have these little side mirrors on my bike handlebars so that I can see cars, other bikers, or whatever else is coming up behind me. But my other reason for having them is so that I can keep an eye on the kids occasionally instead of trying to turn around to look at them while in motion (dangerous! I’ve totally almost wrecked trying to do this! Reason why I decided to buy these mirrors.)

I look at the kids all the time in my mirrors and the suspension on this trailer is on point! The ride doesn’t look super bumpy to them at all.

I won’t go as far as saying it’s a freaking Buick where you feel like you’re floating, but I can definitely tell they aren’t roughly bouncing around during their ride. Even when we go over a big bump or pot hole (whoops!)

Ample back storage

Obviously with kids you’ve gotta bring a bunch of crap with you everywhere you go. Change of clothes, diapers, wipes, snacks and even more snacks, chapstick, sunscreen… you name it.

And I don’t know about you, but I’d rather not have to carry all that crap on my back while I’m biking. (It makes my back sweaty! Bleh! Plus, sometimes I wear my camelback water on my back while riding, so an additional backpack is out of the question.)

So I needed a bike trailer that had enough room in the back of it for me to put my stuff plus a little more room, in case we wanted to stop at the store or something.

The amount of room in the back of this trailer is perfect!

Personally, I don’t bring my huge diaper bag with me on bike rides. I have a condensed version diaper bag that has just the bare essentials such as 2 diapers, a small ziplock of wipes, 1 change of clothes, and 1 small toy. 

The less weight in your trailer the better – TRUST ME. 

So I’ve got my “mini” diaper bag, jackets, and a little blanket back there. The other day we biked to the library and got a bunch of books that I threw back there as well. And we still had plenty of room to spare.

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It can be converted to a double stroller or jogger (or even a skier!)

Although you have to purchase separately, you can remove the bar that makes this a bike trailer and replace it with wheels!

You can either do a single wheel or two wheels – one on each front side.

I personally have not purchased the conversions because I already have my beloved Baby Jogger City Select Double stroller, so I didn’t need to. But I figured it was worth mentioning.

I’ve actually seen someone at the zoo with this exact bike trailer and they had it converted to the single-wheeled stroller. And their two kids looked just as comfy as mine in their Burley D’Lite!

(Note: In my opinion, I feel like the wheel conversions should come with it for the price paid for this trailer. Don’t get me wrong, although a bit on the expensive side, I think the trailer is worth its price considering the quality. but I do think it should come with at least one of the wheel conversions. Just my two cents.)

Adjustable sun visor

You can adjust the sun visor to wherever you want. So depending on what time of day you go for a ride, you kids are always shaded and out of the sun.

Sometimes we ride in the mornings so I adjust the sunshade at the very top. Other times we ride in the evening after naps so, as the sun is going down, I will have it adjusted a little lower so the sun isn’t in their eyes.

The Burley D’Lite trailer itself has UV protection, and with its tinted side windows it seriously has my kids in the shade the entire time.

Burley D'Lite Bike Trailer with adjustable sunshade & portable fans
Adjustable sunshade and portable fans

Cons of the Burley D’Lite Child Bike Trailer

I want to be completley honest with you, because back when I was looking to purchase a bike trailer, I read a gazillion reviews on various ones, and all I could do was hope that people were giving it to me straight. 

I wanted to hear about the good, obviously, but more importantly, I wanted to hear what people didn’t like about it.  For me, a certain con about an item could potentially be a deal breaker for me. 

When helmets are on, the kids heads are pushed slightly forward

Burley did in fact try and help this by putting a gap on the back straps where the child head would sit.  But with a big ‘ol helmet on, it seems that gap just isn’t big enough.  

It is only slightly, but still.

My 3-year-old is fine because he is so busy looking out of the window that he barely sits back long enough for the helmet thing to be an issue.  But when he was younger, and also for my 19-month-old, the head did push forward a little – making a younger kid sit sort of in a “C” position.  

That being said, my 19-month-old is fine and comfortable in there. It doesn’t really phase him. So it’s not really a huge deal – anymore.  

The price!

I was so hesitant on purchasing this trailer because I sort of felt like I was buying the “name” Burley, if you know what I mean.  Plus, like I said, I feel like for the price it should come with at least one of the wheel conversion kits, in my opinion.

But honestly, you get what you pay for.

Once I bit the bullet and pulled the trigger, I haven’t looked back!  The numerous pros have blinded me, and those two cons arent even in my mind, ever.

Optional accessories you can purchase with the Burley D’Lite Child Bike Trailer:

The trailer comes ready for biking, but here are some extra accessories you can purchase separately as needed:

Infant Snuggler Insert

For babies 6 months and up! I wasn’t in need of this because I took the cheap route and used rolled up blankets and towels instead. But looking back I kind of wish I had just gone ahead and bought this snuggler instead of constantly having to stop and fix a falling down towel.

Burley 1 Wheel Stroller Kit

This one is cool because you don’t have to uninstall the trailer bar to use. Just install the wheel directly onto the bar and then when you want to use as a bike trailer, you can just fold up the single wheel. An easy switch in a matter of seconds.

Burley 2 Wheel Stroller Kit

These you do have to take a minute to install, but it’s not rocket science. Just take out the biking bar and install these instead.  Super easy.

Burley Double Jogger Wheel

As the name suggests, this one is for jogging so the wheel does not swivel.

Final thoughts on the Burley D’Lite Child Bike Trailer

I love our trailer!  And I would totally recommend it to anyone who asks.

It’s very lightweight and the tow is very smooth for me. I’ve got close to 60 lbs of little humans that I tow in mine, so with the slightest incline I have to change up my bike gears to make it up the hill! (I’m a weakling lol.) 

But we ride for miles in this thing!  The trailer is sturdy, feels well made, and aside from checking the tire pressure, I have not had to do any maintenance on it.  And I have had mine for about 2 years now.

Must haves for bike riding with kids:


Safety first, right?!

My kids use the Giro Scamp Youth Bike helmets. I got the X-Small because I bought them for each kid when they were about 9 or 10 months old. The helmets are adjustable so when my kids were that age it fit perfectly.

My 3-year-old is still using his same helmet I bought him then, and because it is adjustable, he still has a good bit of room to spare. Just to give you an idea of how long their little helmets can last them.

Don’t forget a helmet for yourself!  I also use a Giro Adult Helmet, which also has the adjustment just like the kids’ ones.

Portable fans

I got these Diono portable, battery-operated stroller fans and clamp them onto the front bar on the frame of the bike trailer.  (You can see them in the picture I have posted above.)

The D’Lite allows for airflow as the front and back have mesh, but I find that it gets warmer in there than you would think. So a little extra air circulation works well for us.

Water Bottles

Kids (and adults) tend to forget to hydrate. All the things to do and see on a bike ride adventure is way more fun than stopping to drink water!

So I make sure to always have their water bottles basically in front of their face wherever we go. (In the car. In the stroller. On a bike ride. We even bring a water bottle into the grocery store.) On top of reminding them to drink throughout the day.

We LOVE these Contigo Spillproof Stainless Steel water bottles. It’s the only ones we use.

With ice, the water stays cold literally all day long, even in our hot summer weather here in Arizona.

And they really are spill proof! My kids chuck and kick those things all over the place and they never spill.

(Note: people tend to complain that they can develop mold. It’s important to know that these types of water bottles are meant for water only.  If you try and put things like juices or milk or whatever else in there then you’ll probably develop some mold.  We have had ours for 2 years now – same ones…haven’t bought new ones – and have had zero mold issues. I’ve never put anything besides water in our Contigo water bottles.  I also clean them in the dishwasher as well as use this OXO Water bottle cleaning brush set to get the hard to reach places.)

LED Bike Lights (front and back)

I turn these on even in the daytime.  I want to make sure cars and traffic SEE US from a mile away. I turn it on “strobe” so its kind of an annoying blink that one couldn’t help to miss lol.

Don’t forget snacks and maybe a couple toys and you’re ready to ride!

Did I leave anything out?  What other questions do you have about the Burley D’Lite Trailer?  Or, what other questions do you have about bike riding with kids?  Comment or ask below!  I will answer, promise. 🙂

October 30, 2018



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