Bike Ride Adventures

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The kids and I went on a bike ride yesterday.  

It’s still hot here in Arizona.  Temperature is still in the 100s.  Mornings are high 80s and 90s and by noon its low 100s.  By afternoon its still between 104-110 daily. It’s HOT!

But I have been waiting and waiting for it to cool down enough to start bike riding again.  And my impatient self can’t wait any longer. When the weather is cooler during the fall, winter, and spring months, the kids and I go for rides a few times a week.  We ride around town, discovering new parks to go play at. A lot of times we would head out and just ride around to nearby neighborhoods searching and playing on their neighborhood parks.  

I couldn’t wait anymore!  I pulled out my bike and double trailer, we put on our helmets, and we headed out.  (These Giro helmets are adjustable so they fit little bitty heads. I ordered the x-small and I’ve had both kids in theirs since they were about 9 or 10 months old.  They’re very lightweight as well so even on my little 10-month-olds it wasn’t hard on their neck to hold up their big ‘ol helmet head.  My oldest is 3 and he still has plenty of adjusting room to go with his. My youngest is one and a half and he has plenty of adjusting room as well.) I brought one of my gym sweat towels with me because I knew I was going to be drenched.  And I was. And the kids were too even though I had little portable fans aimed at them.

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But it was awesome.  A workout for sure. These kids are heavy!  25 lb 1.5-year-old and a 35 lb 3-year-old, plus the weight of the trailer.  My legs! But it was a nice cardio workout, and getting the kids out of the house is always a win in my book.  

About a mile from our house there is a house that has a bunch of farm animals.  The owner has set up a little area along the back fence, which happens to butt up to the bike trail, where he sets out pellets in a big bucket so that people can come by and socialize with and feed his animals.  He also allows you to bring and feed them any fruits and vegetables you’d like (with a couple exceptions he has posted in the fence). Every time we go on a bike ride, this is always our first stop.

Riding a little further, we got off the bike and out of the trailer and walked down a few paths.  Saw some ducks hiding in the bushes (probably trying to keep cool) near a pond. Even saw the cutest baby turtle crossing the dirt trail.  We hunted for painted rocks, because we usually find peoples hidden ones in that area, but didn’t find any. Darn! Next time!

Further still, we stopped in at the local library and checked out some books.  We go to the library every week/2 weeks and get new books. It was the perfect place to stop and refill our waters and cool down in the AC.

As I was grabbing book after book like I usually do, stuffing them in my bag to eventually check out (I typically get 8-10 kids books), I walked out the door and headed back to our bike.  I stood there for a few seconds before putting the bag of books in the back “trunk” of the trailer, because I realized, like a dummy I had just added a good chunk of weight to my already heavy tow load.  Oops. Oh well. Sorry legs!

By the time we got back home, we all were soaked in sweat.  My tank was entirely soaked. We drank a ton of water, and I was basically worthless the rest of the day because all of my energy was spent.  

But who cares!  We went on an adventure!

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