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My name is DaLorean (yes, yes…like the car), and welcome to my little corner of the internet!  

A bit about SilverJasmine.com…

Confession: When I started this blog it was simply because I wanted to take my obsession with journaling a little further and “journal” online. I figured others around this big, green and blue globe would see my life and could maybe relate to it in whatever way.

I have anxiety. Big time. And writing in my journal helps to brain dump my anxious mind onto paper. There’s something about dumping all of my thoughts, good and bad, into a book full of blank pages that helps me clear my nonstop mind. And for me, once I get it all out and close that journal, it’s like I can walk away from it with a weight lifted off my shoulders.

I am also a highly sensitive introvert, so diving deep into my thoughts is part of who I am.

Anyway, after a few months of sharing my random thoughts and tips with the world on Silver Jasmine about basically anything “life” that came to mind (including anxiety and introversion), I noticed through comments on my posts, on the Silver Jasmine Facebook Page, and on my Silver Jasmine Pinterest Community that my tips and tricks were actually helping people!

One of the best feelings in the world is knowing that you genuinely helped somebody with something they were having a hard time with.

So, I decided to switch gears slightly on Silver Jasmine and not only share my thoughts for other people to simply relate to and then move on, but to actively give advice, tips, and suggestions to truly help people.

Silver Jasmine is a lifestyle blog that is a place for you and me to figure out this thing called “Life” together.

Particularly the things about life that can leave us stressed out and overwhelmed.

Life with Anxiety/Stress/Depression. Life as a parent. Life, and all of the happiness it gives.

It is a place that I give life tips, inspiration, product reviews on things that have worked (or haven’t worked) for me. From my latest travel adventure to ways to live a little more frugally to money-talk to what book you MUST read (because it’s just that awesome).

Thanks so much for stopping by! Grab a cup of Jasmine Silver Needle Tea and stay a while!

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